Sebastian Mårtensson - Harmony of Shinesparkers

Sebastian Mårtensson

Before creating the arrangement for Kraid’s Lair on the original Harmony of a Hunter, I had never arranged a cover of any video game track. At the time I had just recently decided to apply to study Video Game Composition at the University and had also a year prior discovered the Metroid series. While looking for news about the Metroid-series I eventually stumbled upon Shinesparkers and noticed that they were looking for arrangers to participate in a tribute album. I quickly created an original track (that I thought would fit the Metroid universe), posted a video of it on YouTube and sent it to Shinesparkers e-mail. Darren eventually made contact and my Harmony-journey began.

After the first album was released to great reviews I would play a little bigger role in the following Shinesparkers-albums, releasing multiple tracks on each of the coming three albums. For more info on the background of specific tracks, please find the individual page for the track you’re interested in.

On the Harmony of Heroes Final Smash album I acted as an Assistant Director. I felt very honored to have this position and really wanted to do my best. The deadline was unusually short this time around, though, since we were already in the planning stages of the Harmony of a Champion-album that we wanted to start working on by the start of the new year. Final Smash, because of this, only had about two months to be completed. It was a lot of work, and took a lot of effort and stress but ultimately it got done. For having such a tight deadline on a non-profit project like this I think we did a pretty good job! Sadly, I kinda burnt myself out on that project and didn’t participate in Harmony of a Champion at all in the end.

When, in 2020, I was asked to be an Assistant Director on Harmony of a Hunter Returns I actually first declined… like… a few times. But I did accept making the Torvus Bog track and, wouldn’t you know it, making music turned out to be fun again for the first time in several years. This gave me the energy, inspiration and motivation to accept the AD offer a month or so into the project and eventually go on to arrange more tracks for the album. This was a much more pleasant experience and the longer project timeframe made for much less stressful conditions. I’m super proud of what our team has created this time around and I hope that Metroid-fans will enjoy this album as much as I do.

Besides Harmony, I’ve composed some music for video games over the years, but I’m hoping to compose even more in the future. These days I work as a lecturer, teaching video game composition, arrangement and tools at the University, as well as being an aspiring video game designer.

Sebastian is also one of the singers and guitarists of the band Misplaced and the project lead for HiScore.

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