A K.Rool Pub Crawl - Harmony of Shinesparkers

A K.Rool Pub Crawl

Harmony of Heroes

Track 14
By Sebastian Mårtensson feat. Christopher Woo
King K.Rool / Ship Deck 2 (Donkey Kong Country)



“I’ve always loved the traditional kinda piraty thing about this track so in contrast to many covers of this song I wanted to stay away from metal and rock and just enhance that pirate feel. DKC2 is my favourite Donkey Kong game as well and they had a pirate theme going on. Since I went for a track played live at a pub I tried to keep my takes to a minimum to maintain the live feel. I got some help from Christopher Woo to play the violin on this one. Sounds great! Alexander Nilsson did some nice and memorable voice acting as well! The HiScore-choir helped out with the pirate noises in the background and the singalong part. Even Darren himself chimed in with some pirate noises!”
Sebastian Mårtensson