Team - Harmony of Shinesparkers


There are many people behind the scenes working on directing, producing, mastering, and creating websites just like this to help our fan-arrangement albums reach their fullest potential. This page pays tribute to all of those people.

Director & Producer

Darren Kerwin

Assistant Directors

The Orichalcon (Harmony of a Hunter)

Torby Brand (Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run)

Rozen (Harmony of Heroes)

Stephan Wells (Harmony of Heroes, Harmony of a Champion)

Pyro Paper Planes (Harmony of Heroes)

Sebastian Mårtensson (Harmony of Heroes: Final Smash, Harmony of a Hunter Returns)

Laura Intravia (Harmony of a Champion)

Bernardo Limon (Harmony of a Champion)

Zack Parrish (Harmony of a Hunter Returns)

Mastering Engineers

The Orichalcon (Harmony of a Hunter, Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run)

Alvin Wee (Harmony of Heroes)

Rozen (Harmony of Heroes: Final Smash)

Samuel Lidström (Harmony of a Champion, Harmony of a Hunter Returns (lead))

Zack Parrish (Harmony of a Hunter Returns)

Art Directors

Heather Wright (Harmony of Champion)

Nate Horsfall (Harmony of a Hunter Returns)


Renan Greca (current Harmony project website)

Rozen (original Harmony of Heroes website)

Liam Smith (original Harmony of a Hunter website)

WaveHack (technical support)

Lucent of (hosting)

Design & Previews

OCRemix (Harmony of a Hunter promotion)

VikingGuitar & Nate Horsfall (early website design, Harmony of a Hunter)

Samo Studios (trailers and previews, Harmony of Heroes)

Rozen (trailers and previews, Harmony of Heroes)

Monte (trailers and previews, Harmony of Heroes)

Theophany (trailers and previews, Harmony of Heroes)

Nate Horsfall (trailers and previews, Harmony of a Hunter Returns)

Gabriel “Hellgab” Leoni (Harmony of a Hunter Returns logo)

Albert Orpheon (trailer animations)

Niklas Nähl (trailer sound design)

Special Thanks

Alec Fenech (Harmony of Heroes)

David Wise (Harmony of Heroes)

Brandon “Senpai” Clayton (Harmony of Heroes)

Renan Greca (Harmony of Heroes)

Richard Hales (Harmony of Heroes)

Xiaohu Alcocer (Harmony of Heroes)

Erica Robinson (Harmony of Heroes)

Reinhold Hoffmann (Harmony of Heroes)

Diego Jiménez (Harmony of Heroes)

Grant Kirkhope (Harmony of Heroes)

Lucent of (Harmony of Heroes)

Jhordan “Xerom” Severance (Harmony of Heroes)

Jennifer Petersson (Final Smash)

Ryan Stunkel (networking)

Rich & Beki Hales (cloud storage support)

Angel Mannion (networking)

Wavehack (website support)

Stephen Robe (website QA)

Rebecca Cook (website QA)

David Verstraete (website QA)

Roy Collins (website QA)

Charston Douglas (website QA)