ignite - Harmony of Shinesparkers


Harmony of Heroes: Final Smash

Track 15
By Sebastian Mårtensson feat. Helena Burström
Spark Man Theme (Mega Man 3)



“I wanted to make a non-rock track for Mega Man. With that said, I love Mega Man rock covers and rock/metal are probably my favourite genres. It was fun working with Helena here. She’s the bass player in my band, Misplaced, but we had never really worked on anything together outside the band. For this track I had some pointers but most of the bass stuff was her ideas. Since Helena and I were living 900km apart we couldn’t meet to record anything and all our contact had to be from a distance. Luckily she had some record equipment at home and could send over her bass lines to me. Listening to it now I think it sounds a lot better than I remembered it.”
Sebastian Mårtensson


Cut Man Theme (Mega Man)