The Year 200X - Harmony of Shinesparkers

The Year 200X

Harmony of Heroes: Final Smash

Track 1
By Sebastian Mårtensson
Medley (Mega Man 2)



“I really wanted to make this track stand out among all the Mega Man covers that’s been done over the years. Personally I thought it’d be interesting to do something that wasn’t rock. On previous albums I’d really looked up to all the talented arrangers that had made all these epic orchestral tracks and felt really motivated to do something similar myself. This was my first proper attempt at orchestral music and was actually quite a struggle. It could definitely be fleshed out more with harmonies and counter melodies when I listen to it again. I kinda wish to one day come back to this track and re-work it. But we’ll see. I’m happy I did it and I’m quite proud over the second half of it.”
Sebastian Mårtensson


Stage Select, Bubble Man Stage, Air Man Stage, Dr. Wily’s Castle 2, Wood Man Stage, Boss Battle, Quick Man Stage, Flash Man Stage, Crash Man Stage, Metal Man Stage, Password Select, Heat Man Stage, Introduction, Ending. Brad McBride (Soundscape)