Twilight Zone - Harmony of Shinesparkers

Twilight Zone

Harmony of a Hunter Returns

Track 58
By Zack Parrish, Sebastian Mårtensson
Title screen (Metroid Prime: Blast Ball)



“This, and The Plot Thickens, was the first times Zack Parrish and I collaborated on tracks. Zack and I had the idea to surprise Darren with a track he would’ve never asked for. It would open with something classic Metroid and then just turn into something quite different. Zack made the groundwork on this one and I added guitars. The middle segment was left quite open for me to improvise and create something while the beginning and end had really clear visions from Zack. It wasn’t until we basically had the entire track that we thought about adding the commentator, audience and Samus. I’m so happy that we did, though. Alex Parrish did a great job at voicing Samus and I had a lot of fun being the commentator.”
Sebastian Mårtensson


Alex Parrish — Voice of Samus
Sebastian Mårtensson — Announcer
Sebastian Mårtensson and Tove Petersson — Crowd and chants