The Plot Thickens - Harmony of Shinesparkers

The Plot Thickens

Harmony of a Hunter Returns

Track 42
By Zack Parrish, Sebastian Mårtensson
Uncovering The Bioweapons Plot, An Unfortunate Discovery (Metroid: Other M)



“This track was made in secret as a surprise for Darren. It consists of two obscure tracks from Metroid: Other M (“Uncovering The Bioweapons Plot” and “An Unfortunate Discovery”) and while they aren’t really popular tracks I’ve always really liked them. But the main idea for choosing these tracks was to test Darren and see if he would recognize them. This, and Twilight Zone, were my first times collaborating with Zack Parrish and had a lot of fun doing so! I laid the groundwork for the track and then Zack really brought it to life with his orchestral and cinematic arrangement.”
Sebastian Mårtensson