Chronicles of Samus - Harmony of Shinesparkers

Chronicles of Samus

Harmony of a Hunter Returns

Track 64
By HiScore
Various Tracks (Metroid series)



“OK, there’s so much to be said about this one. First of all, I didn’t think this would be possible. If we were doing this medley we would have to make it bigger and more epic than the first one. But the first medley was really well received and it was such a huge undertaking making that 10+ minute long track spanning all Metroid games and several different genres. However, Darren and I discussed it and we felt that it would be a great callback to 101% Run. I asked around among my friends to find a crew that I felt could make a solid track together. The first goal was to make a 15 minute track, but it turned into almost a 25 minute one. I didn’t really want to make many tracks myself but didn’t have much of a choice since time started running away and the crew didn’t have time to take on any additional tracks on the ones they were doing already. I’m super proud of everyone involved in this track and, for me personally, this is one of the coolest tracks I’ve been a part of. It tells the story and the journey that players have taken with Samus since the NES days. One game at the time in the order of their release and at the end sending a short little hint at the future of Metroid with the inclusion of the vs. Corpious melody from Metroid Dread. I’m just super proud and so thankful for everyone involved in this! I think it turned out absolutely great! It was really close that it wasn’t finished on time, but here we are and the track is on the album. And it’s way better than I ever dared hope.”
Sebastian Mårtensson


Escape Theme (Metroid) – Moa Lenngren
Metroid Hatchling (Metroid II: Return of Samus) – Sebastian Mårtensson & Tove Pettersson
Theme of Super Metroid (Super Metroid) – Thomas Lundell
Sector 4 – AQA (Metroid Fusion) – Samuel Lidström
Phendrana Drifts (Metroid Prime) – Simon Palmblad
Kraid Battle Theme (Metroid: Zero Mission) – Mauricio de Carvalho
Sanctuary Fortress (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes) – Sebastian Mårtensson
Chozo Artifact Temple (Metroid Prime Pinball) – Joel Sandberg
Celestial Archives (Metroid Prime: Hunters) – Drakeld (Hugo Willén & Rasmus Wallin)
Gandrayda’s Theme (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption) – Moa Lenngren
Metroid Prime Trilogy Theme (Metroid Prime Trilogy) – Sebastian Mårtensson
Approaching Sector Zero (Metroid: Other M) – Samuel Lidström
Splash Screen (Metroid Prime: Federation Force) – Sebastian Mårtensson
Chozo Laboratory (Metroid 2: Samus Returns) – Sebastian Mårtensson
Metroid Main Theme (Metroid series) – Samuel Lidström & Sebastian Mårtensson


Samus’ Fanfare (Metroid series) – Moa Lenngren
Item Acquisition (Metroid series) – Sebastian Mårtensson
Item Room (Metroid) – Sebastian Mårtensson & Samuel Lidström
Vs. Corpious (Metroid Dread) – Sebastian Mårtensson & Samuel Lidström


Project Lead and planning – Sebastian Mårtensson
Mastering – Samuel Lidström
Lead medley mix – Samuel Lidström
Additional medley mix – Sebastian Mårtensson
Intro sound design – Moa Lenngren
Transitional sound design – Samuel Lidström & Sebastian Mårtensson
Saxophone on Celestial Archives – Bobbie Jane Desforge
Vocals on Metroid Main theme – Tove Pettersson
Samus Voice Actor – Alex Parrish
Adam Voice Actor – Zack Parrish
Sector Zero Alarm Voice Actor – Sebastian Mårtensson
Resampling of strings (Chozo Artifact Temple) – Joel Sandberg & Sebastian Mårtensson
Resampling of drums (Escape Theme, Gandrayda’s Theme) – Samuel Lidström & Sebastian Mårtensson
Special thanks – Darren Kerwin & Zack Parrish