HiScore - Harmony of Shinesparkers


A brainchild of Sebastian Mårtensson with the vision to create a medley that spanned several genres and took the listener on a musical journey from a the first released Metroid game to the last (at the time: Metroid: Other M). A miniature Harmony of a Hunter in just one medley, of sorts. Sebastian, who felt he couldn’t realize the vision by himself, gathered several of his, then, Video Game Music-classmates during his time at the University of Skövde. The name “HiScore” was created as a homage to the University’s name “Högskolan i Skövde” which sometimes is shortened “HIS”.

In 2020-21 a complete reunion was attempted but the entire team sadly couldn’t be assembled. Many from the original lineup were occupied with time consuming jobs or other commitments. Sebastian had to look for other arrangers, since a medley of the size and grandeur that he was planning needed a lot of help to be done in time for release. Thankfully several friends from his old University were eager to help!