The Lost Vessel Awakens - Harmony of Shinesparkers

The Lost Vessel Awakens

Harmony of a Hunter Returns

Track 55
By Unknown
Wrecked Ship (Super Metroid)



This track is an “enhanced” version of the original Wrecked Ship theme from Super Metroid. Imagine some scene in an old movie, where Samus enters the Wrecked Ship and searches a way to restore power to the electrical systems of the ship. After a while she finds the main control room and restarts the ship’s main fusion reactor to activate all previously non-functional doors and lights. Eventually she reaches another exit and finds herself in the acid rain of Crateria again.

Since my main goal was to create an interesting ambience, I added various sound effects to this track. One of these sound effects is what you might call “computer noises”. I decided to record real digital communication signals from a computer to create these “computer noises”, which even contain a secret message. Maybe you can decode it …


– VC340 (strings)
– OB-6 (background pad)
– System-100M (sound effects)
– Proteus/1 (choir)
– Proteus/2 (timpani; this sound was used in Super Metroid too)
– KORG A1 (delay/reverb for the Proteus sounds)
– Eventide Eclipse (reverb for the OB-6 sounds)
– PCM-D100 (real world sound effects, including relays, CFL lamps, fans
from an ASR1000 series router, …)


– Cubase Pro 10
– Eventide Blackhole (used for various sound effects)
– Sonnis “GameAudioGDC” SFX library